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Robust Network Design

We understand that every customer have their own need which required custome network and security design.

Networking Automation

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that automation of tasks is more efficient than manual work.

NetFlow - Monitoring and AI System

We have created a robust monitoring and AI system compaitable with allmost every networking devices for better monitoring and better control. With this you can automate networking tasks and reduce manual work. This system is customisable with need of customer.

Monitoring and Alert

This system is designed for better monitoring of your infrastructure, to get quick alert notification.

Device Configuration

User can configure single or multiple devices at the same time, or schedule configuraion.

STN provide custome solutions for your infrastructure.

Our AI can be customized as per your infrastructure need.

Other Features

IP Management

Manage your IP address and monitor unauthorized network access..

Firewall Management

Configure or check Firewall rules, Manage IP blacklisting in your network..

Inventory Management

Manage your network devices or server inventory..